Sexy, thrilling, and dark, Trigger Warning is an empowering adventure that will grab you by the neck and take you for the ride of a lifetime…

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When Kate runs out of money on her backpacking adventure across Europe, she has to share a bed with a whimsical Russian prostitute named Tatiana to escape from her life a little longer. The two girls find blissful escape in each other’s company from their problems at the opposite ends of the social spectrum. Kate is all but disowned from her own family after getting her father sent to jail during the rape trial of his business partner while Tatiana enjoys a rare respite from her short lifetime of sex slavery.

When the realities of Tatiana’s profession separate them, Kate calls on the only connection she has left in order to overcome the forces of the mafia and international terrorists to reunite with her unlikely love. The rich, powerful and abusive dominatrix forces Kate to make the hardest decision in her life about how she uses her body to fight for love and control of her own destiny.